This headband is woven with 3/8" wide ribbon.  It measures 3/4" wide and fit toddlers thru adults.  The pony beads are woven into the design so they should NOT come off.  This headband does NOT have teeth on the inside.

The alphabet beads on top of the headband will spell out whatever team you choose. This does NOT have to be a team shown in the pictures - any team! The letters are printed on all sides of the cubed beads so whether you are looking at the headband from the top or the front you will be able to read the team. You also get to choose the colors of ribbon to be used. Some pony beads are added on each end of the alphabet beads for extra decoration. The number of pony beads added will depend on the length of the name. Please leave the name and color of ribbons in the box provided.

Personalized Team Beaded Woven Headband

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